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Retiree News: We are sorry to report the passing of HARRY GILBERT WRIGHT on April 17, 2014 and Rosario Sal” Iacona on April 27, 2014:

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Thursday,March 20th at 12:30pm  in Delray Beach at the Empire Buffet in Delray Commons plaza at the southwest corner of Military Trail and W. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach.  Most have already been there for past gatherings. My wife and I went there a little while ago to firm up the reservation. The place has been redecorated and is still serving a good variety of Asian food at reasonable prices.

If you know of any RCA colleagues down here on a vacation or moved down here permanently please pass the word and ask them to join our group. Over the last few months I have been in contact with Judy Blitzer who tells me she will be joining us that afternoon.

You can contact me for any further information; to comment or just to say ‘hello.’ My phone is 561-451-1176 in Boca Raton. My e-mail address:  vernaron2071@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again on Thursday, March 20th at 12:30PM in Delray Beach to tell a few memories and reminisce about our days at 60 Broad Street.

Best regards and 73s to all,

Ron Pollett - email: vernaron2071@yahoo.com

Phone: (561) 451-1176


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Long time RCA employee FRED DANZIGER posted this message: 

“My third granddaughter Ariella’s most recent drawing. 

My jaw dropped.” ~ Fred

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